Tell us where you have had your favourite #banhMi & Why !

Why Banh mi is our favourite all day snack at @thehoodparis !

1) You can have it any time of the day. @thehoodparis
we make them from 10H starting with two fried eggs for your morning breakfast, and then the meat and egg fritatas from lunch !

2) It's not about the bread. The bread as Khanh-Ly Huynh says " The bread is just here to moist the garnish with the sauce and hold all this (fillings) altogether"

3) Feel and enjoy the fillings instead . It's an explosion of your senses - spicy, sweet, savoury herby/ aromatic. .. it is a moment of rapture. " it's stuffed and flavourful.. not dry and anorexic looking " as our chef Khanh-Ly Huynh would say.

4) Do ask for Khanh-Ly Huynh 's created house made Sriracha sauce ( you read it here first, it's a tad spicy so we don't always put them on it ..)

5) Vegetarian options are available and we'll work on a vegan version soon (cc: Vihan Jain)

6) Yes we eat em' with our hands , ala street style !

7) we pair them with Beats and Beers (ask for a craft beer pairing at The Hood Paris), Vietnamese style !

Happy Lunar New Year from the Team

The Hood