HoodVibes Launch Party

Dimanche 4 mars à partir de 16h

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Hi Folks!
Quick question......
What are your plans this Sunday at 4pm?
a) Coming to The Hood to the banging LAUNCH PARTY of "HoodVibes" ; the new music events program at the Hood Paris with craft beers, wines, coffees & cakes. 
b) Taking your smelly cat for a walk around Buttes Chaumont on a leash in the rain (both you and the cat know that this a bad idea.)
c) Wake up slightly hungover, get craving for Banh-Mi, leave house, eat Banh-Mi at local, remember the delicious one you had at The Hood curated by MasterChef winner Khánh-Ly Huỳnh, regret not going to have one and listen to some Blues Guitar at banging LAUNCH PARTY of HoodVibes, swear loudly in public. 

We at the Hood are SUPER psyched to announce our collaboration to bring musical goodness into your bones with the help of our friends at HyVibe Guitar, an acoustic guitar that uses Smart, Connected Vibration Technology to become its own wireless speaker, amplifier, recorder, looper, and effect processor. To kick things off we have Mike and Elie coming to bust out on the HyVibe Guitar for 2 hours of Blues Music to take your ears up the Mississippi Delta on a Sunday afternoon! See you then!

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Folk Off Dimanche

Dimanche 25 Février à partir de 16H

We can't wait to see these guys this Sunday over coffees and craft beers. @biviomusic represents the French-italian crossroads. Rock-folk fusion faces of the same coin. Acoustic duo exploring different genres, instruments & languages. Original, covers, and this Sunday, live at @thehoodparis with you. They're discreet and mysterious and we can't wait to find out more. 



Thursday to SATURDAY - 6 to 9pM (until Feb 2 only)



Thursday 23rd November 2017
Arrivals from 7.45 pm-8.30pm

Only by reservations - e-mail: info@thehoodparis.com

Sweet & Savoury Glazed Nuts
Deviled Eggs
Flatbread with Rosemary & Sea-Salt

Roasted Pumpkin-Ginger Soup & Kasha

Stuffed Turkey Breast with Quince & Sage served with
Maple Syrup Glazed Parsnips
Sweet Potato Purée
Pickled Celery
Cranberry Sauce

Homemade Apple Pie & with Cinnamon Crème Crue





with Raith Mrad 12 NOV 2017


Raith Mrad is singer/songwriter from Ménilmontant, a popular district in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. A velvety voice with a Pop-Rock sound, his original compositions, in english and french, are inspired by life and add to his music multiple colours. In solo, duo or with his band, the truthfulness of his performances will transport you into his universe and his experience as a “lad from the 20ème arrondissement.



Cook for Syria

Family Brunch 11/12 Nov 2017


Travel Massive Meetup / 9 NOV 19h

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The world’s largest network of travel industry innovators and The Hood Paris are co-hosting a meet-up on Thursday 9th November.  We're gonna be serving Craft Beers, Wine, Oysters and Meat & Cheese Plates whilst you enjoy yourselves and connect with The Hood and Travel Massive communities. This will be great opportunity to connect with people within the travel industry around the world to meet, learn, and collaborate in the online travel industry.  See you the 9th of November. 






Honest, simple street food with all the asian flavours. Ranked 13th on CNN World Best 50 Food, is the national dish of Singapore. As BBC News wrote " Born out of frugality, Hainanese chicken rice – one of Singapore’s national dishes – may seem simple. But it’s the kind of dish you’d cross continents to eat"

The Hood Paris is bringing this simple dish back for the lucky 4th time in Paris :)



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6 October  @ 7pm (doors open 6.30pm)

Join James, The Barn’s Wholesale Manager, to explore coffee roasting development in Paris at The Hood in Paris 11 ! The Curated Cuppings are special events that James do in various cities in different parts of Europe. The last sessions took place in Edinburg, Wales, London. Join us as we explore The Barn’s roasting philosophy, approach to freshness and why it matters for drinkers and coffee producers

We will:

* Reveal a few insights into how The Barn achieves light, yet fully developed roasts
* Taste examples of coffees at different stages of roast development (e.g. under-developed, fully developed, over-developed)
* Explore how The Barn coffees maintain consistency between roasts and the importance of The Barn's Quality Control team
* Reveal why showcasing high quality single origins is so important, both for coffee producers and for drinkers
* Taste examples of old harvest green coffee and new harvest green coffee, both blended and separately, and why The Barn chooses to only showcase fresh harvests
Each ticket costs 10e per person

THE BARN is based in Berlin and is one of the most recognised specialty coffee roasters in Europe. Our uncompromising dedication to quality means we work only with small batches of premium coffees, fresh and in season, from sustainable and traceable sources. Our beans are served by leading cafés across the globe, from Vancouver to New York, Paris to London, Dubai to Japan.

We value attention to detail in carrying out our promise to farmers that their coffees will be roasted to highlight the diverse taste properties of their crop. THE BARN has been representing the Speciality Coffee Movement at the highest level since 2010, around the world and in our three Berlin-based cafés.

James Harper is the Wholesale Manager for The Barn Coffee Roasters in Berlin. He began his coffee career in Melbourne as Stage Manager for the Australian Specialty Coffee Association, eventually becoming their National Competition Manager. At the same time represented Grinders Coffee, one of Australia’s largest roasters. 

He moved to Berlin in 2016 to work for The Barn and also volunteers his time with the Specialty Coffee Association as Assistant Stage Manager for the World Barista Championships. 


FOLK OFF DIMANCHE with Marine Williamson 


8 OCTOBER @ 4PM - live acoustic session

🇫🇷  Apres avoir grandi à Nantes dans un environnement musical, Marine Williamson se tourne vers le chant en arrivant à Paris en 2002.  Elle créé un premier groupe de folk puis un duo électro-jazz avec Armel Dupas avant de revenir au pop/folk qui la berce depuis toujours. Elle s’inscrit dans la tradition des singer-songwriters tels que James Taylor, Cat Power ou Feist qui l'ont influencée et inspirée. Elle compose ses chansons à la guitare ou au piano et celles-ci sont ensuite arrangées par son frère Pierre-Marie qui a réalisé son premier album, Shelter, qu’elle présentera aujourd'hui. Sa voix au timbre chaud et émouvant vous enveloppe immédiatement. Elle raconte ses désillusions et ses espoirs avec une grande sincérité. Et c'est sur scène, accompagnée de brillants musiciens, qu'elle s'épanouit vraiment.

🇺🇸  Marine Williamson was born in Nantes in a musical environment and turns to singing when arriving in Paris in 2002. She created her first folk band and then an electro-jazz duet with Armel Dupas before coming back to what she loves most: pop/folk music.  She is in the tradition of singer-songwriters like James Taylor, Cat Power or Feist who inspired her. She writes her songs on the guitar and on the piano and then, they are arranged by her brother Pierre-Marie who realized her first album, Shelter, that she will present today. Her voice is really warm and moving. She tells her disillusion and hope with great sincerity.
And it’s on stage, she truly reveals herself.



The Hood welcomes collaborations through weekend Pop Up brunches. The purpose is to provide independent aspiring chefs a space to share their culinary expertise and a space to promote their recipes in a casual and friendly environment.